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I'm extremely tired today! Its rather unfortunate.

Tomorrow night I'm going to my ex boyfriends semi formal.. Crazy, I know huh! Well we aren't exactly eachother's dates or anything, and the reason I'm going is basically because I'm good friends with his sister but surprisingly enough he was the one who kindly offered to purchase the ticket for me. Don't get me wrong, we are still friends.. somewhat, but I hope he doesn't expect me to spend the entire night with him!!  Semi at my school wasn't too long ago and it was petty fun. My date was great(L).  Before semi me, Ben(my date), Jenn(one of my best friends) and Justin(her date) got together at Ben`s house and got ready together. It was exiting! Our semi was about 4 hours long and guess what, me and Benny spent the entire time together *giggle*.

Finally got my Hollister sweater which I ordered last week. Its amazing. I'm so anxious to wear it, I think I will wear it for my dance tonight:)


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