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I'm sorry for not writing too much. Busy, busy.

My puppy is great, since we go for long walks and its warmer out:) He is growing so fast, cant believe it.
Biting is is favorite hobby I think, all he does is bite everything! I have bite marks all over my hands, but thank god he doesn't have big teeth yet.

 Me and Carter have been talking alot. I don't know whats up with that. I think I'm beginning to feel more than just friendly towards him and thats not good at all, I decided relationships are useless but that decision is probably going to change soon huh!
 We text each other like every single day and keep texting since 10am till about 12pm ( and I always feel super tired in the mornings lol). And we hangout a lot too which is great. I don't want to sound like a boy crazy teenager but theres probably no other way to put it.  I only wish I knew if he likes me or not. Damn, I sound stupid saying that! We will see I guess.

March break coming up! Cant wait:) No plans yet, but the thought of going to Italy next year for march break sounds amazing. It keeps me sleeping at night. OH and I have some new friends, whenever I get friend invites it makes me mighty happy, hahah.

   Anyhow, night!

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