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Its me again. Don't be too shocked. I'm just bored out of my mind so there is nothing better for me to do except write.

This week is gonna go by so slow. Wanna know why? Well maybe because Friday is my buddy`s party. Finally. This was probably the longest wait ever. About 30 people are going and it seem pretty promising so far. Ive ordered some clothes from hollister and now I have to pray so they come in on time before the actual party. But more about that later.  One thing that interests me is, who is going to be hooking up with who. No actually I don't have problems. It's something I want to know and its also something people will be talking about long after the party is over.  I have no predictions for myself.  I don't want to engage in some kind of drunken "actions" since they are stupid and its something you don't need to do. 

Does having a bunch of friends who are dating make you feel depressed? Makes me pretty darn depressed. They always ditch you to have a little hangout with their BF's.  Its not fair at all, personally.  I just hope someday I can show them exactly what that will feel like. Not that I want to get into a relationship with anyone, but I just hope they see the other side of the river. Since I'm always on the opposite side. I'm not a hater. But today I feel left out. Maybe because one of my best friends chose to hangout with someone else instead of me, when I clearly told her I have nothing to do and we should get together. Well whatever. I'm "sorry" I don't do tabs even if someone will try to force me to do them. I'm sorry my life wont be over in 5 years or that I wont die of an overdose. I hope they do overdose.

So this was a little love note for my buddies. Keep on living your life to the fullest:)

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